me too gumball

me too

(thanks to Taekwondorks for cross-posting the ep to Tumblr)

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Do you ever have that one character who you appreciate, but don’t have any strong feelings about, then the fandom is so terrible to them that you start stanning them in earnest just to get people to shut up? And afterwards, you’re standing there in a puddle of your own feelings trying to figure out what the fuck happened to your life and when they turned into one of your favorite characters.

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just because i cant sing does not mean i wont sing

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this is a serious blog. i’m a serious person. there’s no nonsense here

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when you ship one person with two different people with equal intensity

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it takes me 5 hours to watch a 20 minute anime episode

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i’m 20 years old and i’m still afraid that my ceiling fan is just going to fall and chop me in half while i sleep

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