Princess Kraehe, or Rue, whatever you prefer. Sort of an companion piece to a sketch I did a while a go. This one in fact

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Music in Princess Tutu: Season 1

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Ahiru (Princess Tutu)
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princess tutu: swan lake

"Once upon a time, there was a prince who fell in love with a beautiful swan. The prince, however, fell into a foul trap set by a black swan, and ended up betraying his beloved swan. The prince swore his love, unintentionally, to the black swan. But even then, the swan abandons herself, and tries to protect her beloved prince. Now is the time that the depth of their love will be tested…" 

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abloo bloo bloo

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dang kids

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"Besides, we’ve walked together and talked all this time so we’re already friends now. So it’s Rue." 

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twitter doodles!!

i finished princess tutu today and i am so enamored with it omg… especially rue/kraehe (and fakir haha) just

my queen

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It continues! mbykart asked for a magical girl of my choice…and of course I drew my tragic princess getting ready for battle. 

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"I’ll get what I want…Even if I have to steal it."

If you’re not watching princess tutu you should totally go watch it right now om g here have a picture of kraehe <33

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All things have been set in motion in accordance with the tale: the Knight will eventually be torn in two and die, Princess Tutu will become a speck of light and vanish, days of bitter fighting will once again descend upon the Prince. That is the outline that has been set, these are the fates arranged.

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My love for this anime knows no bounds, it’s tragic that this is the first fanart of Princess Tutu I managed to finish.

I loved the complicated relationship of rivalry and affection between these two girls.

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