Oikawa likes to snapchat everything
unfortunately not at the most appropriate times

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Aomine is being smart

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Kagakuro commission for Noah based on a conversation we had.




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manga meme (1/4 otps) ;

"i could have never imagined that one day, i’d hear words like ‘people are not so hopeless, after all’ out of his mouth. i was happy. i was truly happy."

— kanzaki nao and akiyama shinichiliar game

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【腐向け】HQ!! | 柳ゆうこ [pixiv]

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IMPORTANT : I just wanna point out that its STEVE who gets the flirting started between him and Sam at the beginning of the movie.  Sam is just moseying around the mall, going for his run, and this hot guy continually blazes past him had just has to rub it in that he’s totally outrunning him.  And then it’s Steve who stops to chat, makes a teasing little comments, offers friendly competition, and then THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE.  “Oh, that’s how it is?”  Steve, you tryin’ to fuck.  We see right through you.

As the movie progresses, it’s always Steve that seeks Sam out.  He goes to the VA to visit him (just to visit, apropos of nothing), shows up at his fucking apartment when how does Steve know where Sam lives? 

Upon my initial viewing of Cap 2 I really saw it as Sam fawning over Steve, but when I think about it, they’re definitely in mutual like but it’s really Steve that’s got a crush on Sam.  Wants him in his life.  I think the fandom has caught on to this as well because the influx of fic I’ve been reading features a lot of Steve being the aggressor towards Sam, and I like that.  I love it.  I want some more of it.

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I love these two so much I immediately read the manga after watching one episode o<-<

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Day 1202 - 28  March 2014

another klk scribble


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someday, together, we’ll shine.

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Kagami needs all the awards thank

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if these two dont get a happy ending im destroying dorohedoro

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