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#this is the only relationship that matters

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someone requested for a korrasami AU pic of monarch!Korra and queen!Asami, so i sketched one out real quick while waiting for emails :’D

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important avatar-council meeting < fun date with the babe at the noodle shop

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Each season of Avatar begins on a boat.

Inspired by (x

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This girl is too beast for me to handle

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Internet situation is still touch and go. Till I get sorted I might be posting these sporadically, but I’ll still try to post as often as I can! Thanks




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Determined to rid the land of the evil that had set in, the Warrior set off, leaving the stone-faced children of the ocean and the moon to guard their home against the rampant spirit. Her less physical companion insisted on joining her, and she could hardly say no. He knew the place better than she did, after all.

Hey Jasjuliet, I’m your secret santa! :^) Sorry this took so long! 

Since you requested something spirit-world related, an au, or something with Korra and/or Aang, I tried to fit together as many of these things as I could, haha. I didn’t have time to bring this to its full potential, so just this picture will have to do for now. As far as the Spirit World goes, I tried to combine the bleaker look of the atla spirit world with the vibrant look of the lok concept art. 

Hope you enjoy, and happy New Year!

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lolis and shotas makorrasamilin on your dash

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