I understand Rocky a little more now after the new art update. :3

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oh man that AMAZING Lackadaisy update has wrecked me

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My dream

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Source: Tracy J Butler

have you ever just cried because you’re not tracy butler?

i do all the time

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I never posted these.

Well now I have.

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Full size here.

A drawing of Zib I added some loose coloring to on a sleepless night.  I’m not sure what he’s doing exactly…trying to look like he didn’t just accidentally lock himself out of the building, perhaps.

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Full size here.

Freckle and the mundane tortures of existence…in response to a reader’s question.

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Ivy Pepper doodle

I adore Ivy long hair but she seems more free with it cut

Ah, that’s awfully cute!  Thanks for sharing it. =)

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Full size here.

Another stupid response to a thoughtful reader question.  I did the pencil art while traveling around by air last week…so I’ll just go ahead and blame the existence of this on high altitudes.

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Once, an enterprising group of idiots opportunists forewent the usual underground courtesy of street-relegated fights and backroom deals and decided to take the Lackadaisy by its storefront. It was after hours, and Atlas suspected that the poor saps had thought themselves lucky when they saw only little Ivy Pepper and the noodle-limbed violinist sitting in the stalls for an early dinner.When an unarmed Viktor came in from the garage a moment after the first man had drawn a gun at Ivy,they maybe took a look at their guns and their greater numbrs and thought their luck had diminished only by a little.

But then Viktor picked up the umbrella.

Okay, so I had the flowers, and the umbrella, and the pancakes, and a confused looking Viktor looking at Ivy and Rocky’s hiding place, and guns. Sorry I didn’t fit in bangarang and ski goggles.

Just some art for Tracy, since I haven’t drawn Lackadaisy fan art in a while, and she is an awesome person.

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Full size here.

Most of this is art from the pile of comic pages I’m presently trying to tackle.

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fallingheadfirst asked you:
Hi! I wanted to tell you how much I love your work and to thank you for making me laugh. I did a Serafine costume for Halloween a few years ago, and I’d love to do a Mitzi one this year. I’m completely crushing on the dress from “Mitzi: Because” (possibly because I can relate to Mitzi’s butt). Would it be possible to get a quick sketch of what that dress looks like from the front? I would be forever in your debt. If not, no big—thank you for your time, regardless <3

Thank you for the kind words.  I hope this helps…and isn’t utterly too late.

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Full size painting here.
Full size detail here.

Serafine demonstrates how to overdo it.  This is something I’ve been working on intermittently, between other projects, for the past few months.  Figured it warranted finishing before Halloween.

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Full size here.

Anonymous asked you:
“Why don’t you draw more of Lacy? You have drawn human portraits of everyone else. She’s so unappreciated haha”

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