Not only is this world dark.. it is also tough to breathe in.

Even so, this time.. if I can smile and laugh like you..

I feel like it’s a bit easier to breathe.

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my prince u v u

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I’m the noah of destruction, the fourteenth.


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Katsura Hoshino lost the publisher Shonen Jump square over a dispute of licensing to a foreign distributor… which she didn’t agree with the terms, and Shonen was not willing to find a middle ground. The dispute involved (bad translations, and cutting off some pages which influence the story all for the sake of cost reduction) and many other political, internal and discriminatory issues and problems that just didn’t make her comfortable there any more.. with that, her work team stayed at Shonen since Shonen provided all of the personnel. So she is trying to get a new publisher and recruiting new personnel but this time her own personnel, not provided by a publisher as is the case in Japanese Manga publishing companies. The difficulty with this case is that Shonen owns half the right’s of all the D.Gray Man chapters it has published thus far, and Hoshino sensei the other half. In other words, it’s a legal battle for the sole rights of D.Gray Man between Hoshino and Jump Square. In finding a new publisher the new publisher would have to pay the fee, and rights off to Shonen, which will not be cheap. She cannot make her own publishing because she lacks the funds, and more so with her health condition costs and trying to pay off the rights to buy completely D.Gray Man from Shonen Jump. (This is no different than record companies, a similar case happened to Metallica where they had to buy their own rights to the record company, fortunately they did have the funds) So while she is battling to save her baby from Shonen Jump, getting her health back, recruiting personnel, and trying to find a publisher who would be willing to buy off D.Gray Man, she has to survive and generate income some how as a mangaka, and that implies going to conferences, animecons, and illustrating or releasing short stories and collaborations else where. She is also considering a foreign publisher or even online manga sale in Amazon, Itunes, etc. She is continuing D.Gray Man, she has been and is working on it. Everything that can be done is being worked on hard, and being done, as hard as it can be and as soon as it can be done. Please be patient, and support the Mangaka Hoshino sensei… So her journey back to health is less rough, please support her, BUY** and read her other projects that *leave an income*. So she can get D.Gray Man back, and continue. Please be patient and support (>_<) お願いします!!!. 

I am an aspiring manga, anime artist, and I am well acquainted and aware of the network and world of this art form. I can also understand, read, write, and speak (not perfectly but almost :P ) Japanese, so from what I have read, heard on news, researched, found out and understood from the situation I shared this so that we can support Hoshino sensei. Please be patient and support (>_<) お願いします!!!.

(Source from Mangahere *in the comments*)

The quoted message above is almost certainly not true. It even reads like a scam, what with an appeal to DGM/Hoshino fans’ emotions (really just a new twist on the same old "Waaah! It’s been CANCELLED!11!!1" ruse) being used to soften people up for all that misinformation.

Some of that misinformation, btw…

  • "Shonen Jump Square"
    The name of Hoshino’s publisher is not “Shonen Jump Square” as it was put above (or “Shonen,” or “Jump Square” —I’ve bolded all of these above, btw, so you can see how ridiculous it makes that message look), but a large, well-respected publisher; 「集英社」 (
    Shueisha)Shueisha owns the magazine D.Gray-Man is published in, and that magazine called “Jump SQ” (pronounced or alternatively spelled “Jump Square”). I can’t find an official reference to the magazine as “Shounen Jump Square” either, btw. Seems to me this person got the separate magazines “Weekly Shounen Jump” and “Jump SQ” mixed up.
  • "her other projects that *leave an income*"
    All Hoshino-credited publications
    have been put out by… (surprise surprise) Shueisha! Not sure what “other projects” this person means.
  • "I am an aspiring manga, anime artist"
    If you look at the original post— a random Facebook comment at the end of chapter 218 on the Mangahere website —it says this person is a student at Berklee College of Music. Must be nice to be able to go to music school in the United States while working toward a career path open almost exclusively to hard-working Japanese author/illustrators ONLY…

OK enough of that. The point is that message is some kind of malicious prank that is best ignored. From here on, I’d like to list some far more reliable sources I like to check from time to time. Some are not official, but I find that they are generally well-intentioned, properly attribute sources, and usually get things right. On these non-official sites too, you should be wary about statements where no credible source is provided. Where sources exist, check them yourselves when you can.


Shueisha’s Jump SQ page for DGM (I don’t know why it’s spelled “grey” in the URL but you can go there and see for yourself that it’s the real publisher’s site):
Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see these two lines:
[check mark] ジャンプSQ豪華連載陣 (published in Jump SQ mag)
[check mark] ジャンプSQ.19豪華連載陣 (published in JSQ.19 mag)

The main page for all Jump SQ (“Jump SQ.19” is a separate spinoff mag) serializations is here. Notice they don’t list completed/dropped series. DGM is there because it is still current.

Notice of Temporary Non-Appearance In Print
(you may have already seen the “hiatus notice” picture directly from the magazine.) The image can be viewed here, and here’s the here’s the verbatim text for those who want to try pasting it into a translating service. Since no one appears to have fully translated it yet, I’ll add my own full translation of the text here.


ティムのしっぽ (Tim’s Tail fan blog) announcements page (Japanese)

Mangahelpers DGM Forums’ Hiatus and Hang-Out threads.
(A lot of people on these forums know Japanese, and so can check more easily into what’s really going on and if new information is truly available. Check these pages for new updates from time to time.)

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"Kanda, who went through nine years without knowing that Alma was -"

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[2/6] Male Characters - Allen Walker

Finally… I’m here, Mana. Finally, I’m at the starting line. “Don’t stop walking. Keep moving forward.” I don’t care about fate. I’ve chosen this path myself. I promise… whatever the cost, I won’t stop walking. I’ll keep walking until I die.

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I’ll watch over you

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Allen Walker || Happy belated birthday, Pri bby!
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黒い靴 dark boots

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and i know it’s true that visions are seldom what they seem
that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam

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…don’t let me go

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small letter, small voice, small baby alma

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