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this war feels really pointless imo because kou’s going to join in soon and reap all the rewards while both magnostadt and reim are down

or maybe they’ll resolve their differences and combine powers and fight against kou??? who knows

but in a battle that’s just between magnostadt and reim, magnostadt is most likely to lose because

  1. limited magoi supply
  2. dependence on magicians
  3. weak goi military defenses
  4. mogamett doesn’t have as many cards up his sleeve compared to the countless resources that scheherazade has
  5. aladdin is trying to stop mogamett from unleashing his unspeakable evil
  6. aladdin is always right

magnostadt COULD win the war, though, if it harnesses magoi from the enemy instead of its own kin and used it against them. actually, now that i think about it, that’s a highly plausible scenario.

but really

all i want to know is what the fuck happened to my fanalis army

January 15, 2013 + 3 notes
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  1. fanalis said: I think magnostadt might end up summoning some kind of large mass black dijinn or something of that nature and that would be what the fanalis have to deal with
  2. senryakus said: i agree with everything here. i want to see morgiana that’s all i care about
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