ah, i am really happy with the latest magi chapters (except for the lack of mor >:c) because it’s always bugged me how earlier in the series it felt like white rukh = good and black rukh = evil.

rukh is reflected as the state of mind of a person, and the series had always shown that a good and hopeful attitude towards life would make white rukh while negativity and the rejection of fate (frankly i’m still bothered by this) causes black rukh to happen. now, with the magnoshuttat arc, the series is addressing that even people with a good state of mind could still be able to do incredibly horrible things, which shows that white rukh is not a sign of ultimate good.

i’m still bothered by how rejecting fate and wanting it to change is considered a bad thing in the series, but white rukh =/= completely good is a great first step to making rukh more morally relative

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Tags: #magi ramblings #in terms of characters tho i think this series does so well with making them morally relative #i love how all the empires in the series have their flaws and understandable motivations #the world building in this series is so great #text post
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